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What we got for Christmas and Good Gaming Gone Bad

Wherein we talk about the things we got for Christmas, the things we’re looking forward to and we talk about good gaming experiences and how to handle that inevitable bad game.

Intro - 0:00:20
Future Games - 0:01:31
On the Table - 0:47:07
Good games gone bad - 1:28:13
Goin' Solo - 1:58:05
Bloopers - 2:29:17

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Matrix Games -
Consimworld Expo -

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The Wrinkled Wargamers Episode 7

In this thrilling episode, we drink and talk about the ConSimWorld Expo.  We discuss the games we have on the table now (including 2 that were destroyed by renegade ceiling fan).  We also introduce a new segment covering games “on the horizon” as it were.  Games that are on various company’s pre-order (P500) lists.  Enjoy!

Consim Report  0:03:19
On the Table  0:38:22
Goin' Solo  1:14:38
On the Horizon  1:23:46
Closing 1:53:43

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Matrix Games -


Consimworld Expo -

Victory Point Games –

Dan Verssen Games -



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The Computer Wargaming episode!  (and it's a long one :)

Wherein we pontificate on the fun, the foibles and the the merits of computer wargaming.  Including an interview with world renowned VASSAL expert, Gerry Palmer!

On the Table 8:35
Computer Gaming 39:12
iPad Games 1:20:35
VASSAL Interview with Gerry Palmer 1:33:53
Going Solo 2:21:04
Miniatures Minute 2:33:15
Bloopers 2:51:46

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Modcubes -


Matrix Games -


Consimworld Expo -

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The Wrinkled Wargamers Episode 5

In this episode we wax poetic on games that aren't strictly wargames, but have a good tie-in to the hobby and might just serve to help you introduce others to our hobby.  We also have a great interview with Mr. Shannon Cooke about the Next War series of games from GMT.  We hope you enjoy.  


Please feel free to contact us on our facebook page at;

On The Table 0:2:25
Board and Skirmish segment   0:20:00
Card Game Segment - 1:06:00
Shannon Cooke - Next War Series - 1:24
Miniatures Minute 1:56
Outro -  2:02:00
Bloopers 2:06:0


Sites Mentioned;

GMT Games

Privateer Press

Games Workshop

Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter



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The Wrinkled Wargamers - Ep 04

Episode #4 of the Wrinkled Wargamers podcast.  Wherein the guys talk about taking a year off of podcasting and cover what has gone on.  We talk about ConSimWorld Expo, Cory Wells and the games we are playing right now.  We talk about a few solitaire games and some miniatures topic as well.  We end on a sad note with the passing of the WW mascot.  We also included some bonus outtakes so you can laugh at us even more!  As an added bonus We are mercilessly cruel to Ric Van Dyke (only because we love him and he can take it!)

The Show Notes and links;

General notes about ConSimWorld Expo – 2:30

Cory Wells – 8:00

U.S.S. Texas – 11:35

ConSimWorld Expo


On the table section – 16:13

Multi-Man Publishing - Beyond the Rhine

GMT Games - US Civil War

GMT Games - Unconditional Surrender

Critical Hit  - Advanced Tobruk Series


Solitaire Minute – 45:50

Victory Point Games

Nemo's War Kickstarter

Dan Verssen Games - Tiger Leader

Nan’s Games and Comics Too


Miniatures Minute – 1:08:08

Frontline Gaming

F.A.T. Mats

Las Vegas Open


Outtakes – 1:27:15


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Wrinkled Wargamers Episode 3

Welcome to Wrinkled Wargamers Episode 3

We apologize for the hiatus (over 3 months) but we had some issues to deal with with family and personal business.  We’ll be back on track now!

In this episode, the guys wax poetic about air wargaming.  We start out with covering some new games, then get into the games we’re playing now.  Then, it’s on to Air gaming and all the different levels available.  We discuss the different scales / scopes of air games and our opinions on them.  We wrap it up with a solitaire game and a little Warhammer 40k

New Games

Battle of the Five Armies
Robotech RPG Tactics

On the Table

Unconditional Surrender
Proud Monster 
Bloody April

Air Combat Games

Luftwaffe - Decision Games
Elusive Victory
Down in Flames
Knights of the Air
Foxbat and Phantom
Air War
Wings of War

Solitare and Wrap up
Phantom Leader
Warhammer 40k

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Episode 2 of the Wrinkled Wargamers Podcast - Wherein the guys discuss a new game, then delve into Tactical Wargaming.  The subjects of Advanced Squad Leader, Advanced Tobruck and other systems are examined and opined upon.  In the solitare minute, Marc talks about Cruel Necessity from Victory Point Games.  For miniatures, Bill talks about 7th Ed Warhammer 40k reactions and Frontline Gaming F.A.T. Mats.


Mentioned in this Episode;

Frontline Gaming
Critical Hit Inc
Victory Point Games
GMT Games
Lost Battalion Games
Lock and Load Publishing


Thanks to Meejah for the Music! - The Meejah Channel

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The Wrinkled Wargamers - Ep 01

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Wrinkled Wargamers Podcast.  In this thrilling episode, Bill and Marc introduce themselves and talk about how they got into wargaming and why their opinions just may matter to you, the listeners!

They then go into a discussion of the 2 games they are currently playing, Unconditional Surrender and Proud Monster.

Some of the links from the show...

Victory Point Games
GMT Games
Geek Chic
Compass Games
Games Workshop
Amarillo Design Bureau
New England Sims
ConSimWorld Expo
Fantasy Flight Games

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