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The Wrinkled Wargamer's podcast

Welcome to the Wrinkled Wargamers Podcast page.

We don't have a set schedule, we try tp put these out when there is enough good material to fill a show.

Mar 18, 2016

In this episode we wax poetic on games that aren't strictly wargames, but have a good tie-in to the hobby and might just serve to help you introduce others to our hobby.  We also have a great interview with Mr. Shannon Cooke about the Next War series of games from GMT.  We hope you enjoy.  


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On The Table 0:2:25
Board and Skirmish segment   0:20:00
Card Game Segment - 1:06:00
Shannon Cooke - Next War Series - 1:24
Miniatures Minute 1:56
Outro -  2:02:00
Bloopers 2:06:0


Sites Mentioned;

GMT Games

Privateer Press

Games Workshop

Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter